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Who are we?

Living The Word Church exists to connect you to God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We are real people infused with a dynamic faith, committed to a common vision, joined together in covenant love. We gracefully approach living out the word because we are learners, leaders, students, and inquirers. We believe in multicultural and multigenerational ministry. We love the friendship we find in this family called Living The Word Church. (more about our history). We are comprised of four parts, which are listed below.

Business Team

Our Business Team handles all financial forecasting, decisions on facilities, and staffing.  It is comprised of 6-8 people.

Pastor, Staff, & Leadership Team

Our leaders are those who provide action to the vision . They are dedicated to helping serve God’s body. This team provides insights, guidance and wisdom. To meet them click here…..


Living The Word Church is supported by hundreds of Members, individuals who have attended Living The Word for a while, who call Living The Word Church their home Church, and who have attended a Super Session Orientation. They support the church body in countless ways through service, leadership, and prayer. We emphasize a membership process of “worship with us”,  “commune with others”, “pray for us” and attend a Super Session.  Real community is the fruit of commitment, service, and accountability. Find out more about becoming a member.


Working behind the scenes at Living The Word Church are hundreds of invaluable volunteers. We could not function as a church body without them. Find out more about serving at Living The Word Church